Add CarPlay to Any Car

by Lenny Gomez / July 10, 2024
How to Install Apple CarPlay in Older Car

TL;DR - You can install CarPlay to cars that did not come with it, by using the RDVFL "CarPlay Interface" - Vehicle Compatibility 


Apple CarPlay for Cars Without It


Adding Apple CarPlay offers a seamless way to bring the functionality of your iPhone to the dashboard of any car, making navigation, communication, and entertainment a breeze while you drive.


But what happens if your car didn't come with Apple CarPlay installed?


The good news is that adding Apple CarPlay to any car is not only possible, but it's becoming increasingly accessible with the RDVFL "CarPlay Interface", an add-on product that goes behind the factory radio.


In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore how you can retrofit your car with Apple CarPlay, discussing the options available, installation tips, and the benefits of making the switch to CarPlay.


Install Apple CarPlay Conversion Kit Cost


Understanding What is Apple CarPlay


Before diving into how to add CarPlay to your vehicle, it's essential to understand what Apple CarPlay is and how it works.


Apple CarPlay is a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone while driving. 


It allows you to access your iPhone's key functions on your vehicles infotainment systems display (radio), enabling you to use apps like Google Maps, make phone calls, read and send message, and access to your music library. 


The RDVFL "CarPlay Interface" integrates directly with your vehicle's controls - whether through touchscreen, knobs, or voice commands via Siri - the Apple CarPlay Interface module will help you stay focused on the road. 


Options for Adding Apple CarPlay to Your Car


1. Aftermarket Head Units

One of the most straightforward ways to get Apple CarPlay in an older car is by installing an aftermarket head unit. Radio brands like Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine, and Sony offer a variety of models that support CarPlay.


These radio systems come in different sizes and features to fit various dashboards and user preferences. 


  • Single-DIN vs Double-DIN: Check if your car has a single-DIN or double-DIN opening. Single-DIN slots are typically 2 inches tall by 7 inches wide, while double-DIN openings are 4 inches tall. The size of your dash opening will determine what kind of unit you can install. 


  • Features to Consider: Apart from CarPlay compatibility, consider other features such as Bluetooth Connectivity, HD Radio, Touchscreens, and Navigation. More advanced units might also offer Android Auto, enhanced audio settings, and inputs for rear-view cameras


2. CarPlay Interface and Dongles

If you're not keen on replacing your entire car stereo system, another option is using an RDVFL "CarPlay Interface".


These CarPlay Interfaces can be plugged into the back of a compatible car radio, transforming existing infotainment systems into CarPlay-enabled vehicles. 


  • Vehicle Compatibility: Ensure your current system is compatible with these CarPlay Interface modules as not all head units support such upgrades.

    How to Install Apple CarPlay to my Car?


    3. OEM Upgrades

    Some car manufacturers offer retrofitting services from RDVFL, that can upgrade older vehicle models with modern technology, including wireless Apple CarPlay.


    These OEM upgrades are specifically designed for your vehicle model, ensuring a perfect fit and functionality. 


    • Vehicle-Specific: Check with your car's dealership or official service center to find out if they provide such upgrades for your specific model. 

      CarPlay Installation Tips


      • Professional Installation Recommended: While installing an aftermarket head unit can be a DIY project, it involves complex wiring and familiarity with car dashboards. For best results and to avoid any damage to your vehicle, it's recommended to have your new "CarPlay Interface" installed by a professional like RDVFL.
      • Check for Firmware Updates: After installation, ensure that your new system's firmware is updated to the latest version to enjoy all features and improvements.
      • Test All Functions: Before finalizing the installation, test all CarPlay functions along with other features of your new CarPlay system to ensure everything is working fine. 

      Benefits of Adding Apple CarPlay

      • Enhanced Safety: CarPlay is designed to minimize distractions while driving, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road while accessing your iPhone's features.
      • Greater Convenience: With voice commands through Siri, you can send messages, make calls, and control music without ever lifting a finger away from the steering wheel.
      • Updated Navigation: Use Apple Maps, Google Maps, or Waze for real-time traffic updates and turn-by-turn navigation, directly from your car's infotainment system.
      • Personalization: Customize your CarPlay "dashboard" with your most-used iPhone apps for easy access like NetFlix, YouTube, and more!


      Apple CarPlay Installation Near Me


      Adding Apple CarPlay to any car from RDVFL, enhances not only the functionality of your vehicle, but also the safety of your driving experience.


      Whether you choose an aftermarket head unit, and RDVFL CarPlay Interface, or an OEM upgrade, integrating CarPlay will transform your car experience, making driving more enjoyable and connected.


      With a wide range of options available, upgrading your vehicle with Apple CarPlay has never been more accessible with the CarPlay Retrofit module from RDVFL.