AR1-BMW-M25 - Digital Pre-Amp Interface for BMW Vehicles with MOST25 Fiber Optics

The AR1-BMW-M25 digital amplifier replacement interface for BMW is an advanced electronic PRE-AMP interface designed to seamless replacement of the factory-installed amplifier in select BMW vehicles. It is engineered to integrate with the existing audio system and provide improved sound quality and functionality without the need for extensive modifications or rewiring.

  • Full frequency digital output
  • Retains all OEM sounds (door chimes, turn signals, Bluetooth etc.)
  • Front and Rear Toslink and Coaxial outputs
  • Toslink and Coaxial Inputs
  • 3 Year Warranty

Key features of the AR-BMW-M25, Pre-Amp digital interface are:

  1. Compatibility: Tailored to work specifically with


  2. Enhanced Audio Quality: The interface is engineered to deliver superior sound quality by leveraging digital signal processing (DSP) and data controlled functions

  3. Plug-and-Play Installation: Designed for straightforward installation, the interface often requires minimal modifications or wire splicing. It typically connects directly to the existing wiring harness making it a very easy install.
  4. Integration with OEM Controls: It allows seamless integration with the vehicle's original controls and head unit, preserving features like volume control, Bluetooth, and other audio settings.
  5. Designed for Aftermarket Upgrades: Optical output and coaxial output provide flat hi bit rate digital signal directly to your amplifier or DSP.
  6. Reliability and Durability: Built to meet high standards of durability and reliability, ensuring long-term performance and stable operation within the vehicle with a 3 year warranty
  7. Compatibility Updates: Some interfaces might come with firmware or software updates that improve compatibility with new technologies or provide additional features over time.

This interface effectively serves as a way to change the factory amplifier, offering significant improvements in sound quality and customization without compromising the original functionality of the BMW's audio system. Users can experience an upgraded audio performance tailored to their preferences while retaining the seamless integration and control offered by the vehicle's original entertainment system.

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Compatibility Chart for BMW

Model Year
BMW 1 Series 2004-2020
BMW 2 Series 2005-2020
BMW 4 Series 2014-2020
BMW 5 Series 2004-2020
BMW 6 Series 2004-2020
BMW 7 Series 2009-2020
BMW 8 Series 2009-2020
BMW X3 2010-2020
BMW X4 2014-2020
BMW X5 2006-2020
BMW X6 2008-2020
BMW Z4 2009-2020

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Model Year
Mini 5 Door Hatch 2014-2020
Mini Clubman 2007-2012
Mini Convertible 2009-2020
Mini Countryman 2010-2020
Mini Coupe 2012-2020
Mini Hatch 2007-2020
Mini Hardtop 2007-2020
Mini Paceman 2013-2020
Mini Roadster 2012-2020

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Model Year
Toyota Supra 2019-2020