Fast Wireless Car Charger Cup Holder Phone Mount - Mini Grip Cradle

Our Fast Wireless Car Charger Cup Holder Phone Mount - Mini Grip Cradle is your phone's new favourite resting spot while on the road. Designed to fit snugly in any vehicle's cup holder, it allows for hands-free phone calls, lightning-fast charging for the latest Samsung, Apple iPhone, and other Qi-enabled devices, and easy access to apps like Navigation & Waze. With a full range of motion, you can tilt it to the proper angle for optimal viewing.
  • Sturdy Rotating base: Bottom portion rotates to reduce in size & top portion rotates to expand in size, ensuring a secure fit in any vehicle’s cup holder.
  • It isn't just for cars: It can be adjusted to fit in boats, golf carts, and other recreational vehicles.
  • Telescopic Arm: Steadily stand up from 8.46" to 10.57", easily adjust it to whatever height is preferred for a clear view
  • Secure Locking: Knob tightens easily to securely lock your device's position
  • 360° Rotation: Base allows for easy viewing from any seat position
  • Adjustable and flexible: The telescopic arm can be extended from 4.8 inches to 7.2 inches, providing a comfortable viewing experience and easy access to your phone.
  • Super Fast charging: Open access bottom providing up to 15W of charging power for your phone.
  • Wide compatibility: The mount is compatible with latest Samsung S23, S22, S21, Galaxy Flip, Galaxy Fold, and iPhone 14, 13, and 12 Series
  • Anti-slip padding: The anti-slip pads on the holder's base and phone clamp provide extra protection.

Part Number: M3010-22

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