AR1-LR-E - Digital Pre-Amp Interface for Land Rover / Range Rover / Jaguar vehicles with Ethernet based amplified systems

The AR1-LR-E digital amplifier replacement interface for LAND ROVER / RANGE ROVER / JAGUAR is an advanced electronic PRE-AMP interface designed to seamless replacement of the factory-installed amplifier in select LAND ROVER / RANGE ROVER / JAGUAR vehicles. It is engineered to integrate with the existing audio system and provide improved sound quality and functionality without the need for extensive modifications or rewiring.

  • Full frequency digital output
  • Retains all OEM sounds (door chimes, turn signals, Bluetooth etc.)
  • Toslink and Coaxial outputs
  • Toslink and Coaxial Inputs
  • 3 Year Warranty

Key features of the AR1-LR-E, Pre-Amp digital interface are:

  1. Compatibility: Tailored to work specifically with the ETHERNET based amplified systems
  2. Enhanced Audio Quality: The interface is engineered to deliver superior sound quality by leveraging digital signal processing (DSP) and data controlled functions
  3. Plug-and-Play Installation: Designed for straightforward installation, the interface often requires minimal modifications or wire splicing. It typically connects directly to the existing wiring harness making it a very easy install.
  4. Integration with OEM Controls: It allows seamless integration with the vehicle's original controls and head unit, preserving features like volume control, Bluetooth, and other audio settings.
  5. Designed for Aftermarket Upgrades: Optical output and coaxial output provide flat hi bit rate digital signal directly to your DSP Amplifier or DSP.
  6. Reliability and Durability: Built to meet high standards of durability and reliability, ensuring long-term performance and stable operation within the vehicle with a 3 year warranty
  7. Compatibility Updates: Some interfaces might come with firmware or software updates that improve compatibility with new technologies or provide additional features over time.

This interface effectively serves as a way to change the factory amplifier, offering significant improvements in sound quality and customization without compromising the original functionality of the LAND ROVER / RANGE ROVER / JAGUAR's audio system. Users can experience an upgraded audio performance tailored to their preferences while retaining the seamless integration and control offered by the vehicle's original entertainment system.

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