Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount - Grip Cradle (Auto Scan)

Automate your in-car phone charging and holding experience with this wireless charger mount that can reserve power capacity, offers auto scanning & On/Off functionality, and super-fast charging while staying on the go.
  • Adjustable Grip: Fits phones from 71mm-112.6mm Wide
  • Fast Charging: It offers super fast charging for latest Samsung S23, S22, S21, Galaxy Flip, Galaxy Fold and iPhone 14, 13, 12 Series
  • Universally Compatible: The Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount is compatible with all Qi-enabled phones with or without case.
  • Reserve Power Capacity: Operate Grip For A Certain Period Even After Turning Off
  • Talk and drive safely: Allows you to be hands-free and connected during your journey.
  • Foldable foot stand: To help secure your phone in place
  • Two LED Indicators: Help You Check the State of Charge
  • Two Mounting Options: Vent & Dash Mount
  • Super Fast Charging: 15 Watt charging capacity & 20 Watt PD fast car charger

Auto Grip Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount

Auto Scan Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount features auto scanning, on/off functionality, power reserve, LED Indicators, and super-fast charging to make you stay fully charged and connected on-the-go

Vent Installation: Twist, lock, attach cradle and connect Type-C cable for hassle-free charging on the go. With a one-touch Auto Grip / Auto Closed button and adjustable bottom foot, securely mount your device.

Dash Installation: Simply attach the mount and cradle with included Type-C cable and car charger for fast, secure charging on the go. With an adjustable bottom foot and sleek design, experience the ultimate convenience.

Auto Grip Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount

Auto Grip Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount enhances your driving experience with convenient features like a wireless charging coil indicator, adjustable grip, foldable feet, auto-scan on/off switch, multifunction button, reserve power capacitor, LED indicators, and two mounting options for secure placement and fast charging for all Qi-enabled devices.

Super Fast Charging & Auto Scan Functionality

This Auto Grip Fast wireless car charger mount comes in with an innovative auto-scan function that finds the perfect charging position and even lets you know with a "Beep-Beep'' sound. Turn off the auto-scan with a touch of a switch for added convenience. The mount also has a power-saving feature that protects your phone's battery. Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn wireless charging on or off.

Auto Scan Notification & Auto Scan On/Off Switch

When your phone is securely in place, the auto scan notification will notify you, the grip will automatically close, and the charging will begin immediately. With its powerful charging capability, you'll never have to worry about running out of battery when you're on the go.

0% Error Auto Sensor

Simply touch the panel with your hand or phone, and the grip will open, allowing you to place your device on the mount.

Reserve Power Capacitor

Also, it has a reserve power capacitor that allows the grip to operate a few times, even after turning off.

Integrated LED Indicators On Both Sides

Stay informed of your device's battery status with ease thanks to two LED indicators located on both sides of the car mount. Conveniently check the state of charge at a glance while on the road.

Foldable Feet & Multifunctional Button

The foldable foot stand guarantees safe and secure phone mounting. Adjust your phone with ease in a horizontal position without disrupting your vehicle's controls. Control auto scan and open grip with the convenient multifunctional button.

What's Inside The Box?

Our package includes 20-Watt PD Fast Car Charger, USB-Type-C cable, two mounting options (air vent mount clip with stabilizer and adjustable height dash mount), cleaning wipes, and a signature 12-month warranty. We use 100% recyclable and eco-friendly packaging printed with plant-based ink. Let’s Eliminate single-use plastics and drive into the future with Mighty Mount!

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