Grip Cradle Vent & Dash Car Mount

Elevate your in-car phone holding experience with this Car Mount For Dash And Vent that can fit multiple phone sizes & offers amazing convenience.
  • Adjustable Grip: Fits phones from 63.5mm-94mm Wide
  • Universally Compatible: The Car Mount is compatible with all phones (with & without cases)
  • Talk and drive safely: Allows you to be hands-free and connected during your journey.
  • Two Mounting Options: Vent & Dash Mount
  • Solid Grip: So that your phone doesn't fall off

Grip Cradle Vent & Dash Car Mount

Revolutionize your driving experience with our Grip Cradle Vent & Dash Car Mount, providing secure phone mounting on-the-go

Vent Installation: Easily twist, lock, and stabilize the mount to your vent using the included stabilizer. With a one-touch button and adjustable grip & foot, securely mount your device for a hands-free viewing experience.

Dash Installation: Twist And Lock the Knob by simply attaching the mount to Dash. Adjust the bottom foot, and you can experience the ultimate convenience while staying on the go.

Car Mount For Vent & Dash With Adaptable Grip

Put your smartphone in the cradle and enjoy a smooth ride with our  Car Mount for Dash & Vent. Offering a smooth hand-free driving experience, this mount keeps your phone in range, so you don’t lose track of the road. Comes with an adjustable grip and feet stand that is optimal for all phone sizes, allowing you to hang your smartphone at your preferred place.

Dash & Vent Mounting Ability

Mount your phone like a fort on your dashboard or vent. Hang your phone on the vent with stabilizers, so it doesn’t wobble. Attach it to your Dashboard with 3M adhesive and adjust it accordingly. Clear your dashboard with a cleaning wipe included in our package.

What's Inside The Box?

Our package includes two mounting options (air vent mount clip with stabilizer and adjustable height dash mount), cleaning wipes, and a signature 12-month warranty. We use 100% recyclable and eco-friendly packaging printed with plant-based ink. Let’s Eliminate single-use plastics and drive into the future with Mighty Mount!

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